Full Credits

Written&Directed by
Andrea Casadio

Produced by
David Blackbird

Moses Munoz

Becka Adams as Claire
Paige Annette as Jazmine

Director of Photography
Santiago Calogero

Music by
Sandrine Rudaz

First Assistant Camera Chad Corhan
Second Assistant Camera Joseph Horne
VTR Andy Tran
Gaffer Trent Turner
First Grip David Stacy
Second Grip Gref Unger
Sound Guy Frankie Galvez
Hair&Makeup Monroe James
Picture Car David Martens

Editor Andrea Casadio
Assistant Editor Gianluca Frisario

Visual Effects by Post Wanted

Graphic Designer Lorenzo Villa

Colorist Daniel Pallucca

Post Audio by Sample

Sound Design&Mix Fabrizio Cecchinelli

Movie Poster Designer Alessia Milla

Thanks to
Margherita Merli
Marta Casacci
Roberto Casadio
Daniele Fabbri
Simone Bacchin
Umberto Cappelli
Luca Di Meo

and all the others
who helped the director
in this adventure